New App: Deploy my Web App

Code, Launch, Deploy!
HTML + CSS + JavaScript = Your Web App!

The apps has a well designed code editor toolbar with multiple features
  • Colorized mark-up based on programming language such as HTML,Javascript and CSS
  • Easy Search and Replace text option
  • Increase/Decrease font size across the whole app
  • Insert HEX color value from nice Color Picker dialog
  • Undo/Redo buttons

Get it on Google Play
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Future Versions *might* Include

  • Customizable URLS
  • Code suggestions
  • An improved code editor behaviour
  More cool new features will be added in future updates

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Hello, I'm an indie Android developer! I love developing apps & Games using Kotlin, Java and C#. Usually my apps written in an advanced implementations of Model, View, View-Model architectures in Kotlin and are Multi Threaded with Dispatchers. My goal is to make simple, yet neat products.
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