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Welcome to 3P Cups

Welcome to 3P Cups: Your Gateway to a Trippy Android Experience 🚀

Greetings from the heart of indie innovation! 🌟 We're thrilled to introduce you to 3P Cups, a realm where simplicity meets brilliance in the world of Android development. 📱✨

What is 3P Cups?

3P Cups, pronounced as "Trippy Cups," is the brainchild of Trippy Cool Apps and Games – an indie Android development studio boasting a collection of 60+ fantastic apps. Each creation stands as a testament to advanced implementations of Model, View, View-Model architectures in Kotlin, ensuring a seamless and delightful user experience. The multi-threaded design with dispatchers adds an extra layer of efficiency to our products.

Join the Indie Journey

Embark on a journey with us! 🚀 3P Cups is more than just a collection of apps; it's a community-driven initiative inviting you to explore, engage, and enjoy. 🌐 Our dedicated 3P Cups Radio, streaming 24/7, promises nothing but good vibes through a carefully curated selection of music. 🎶

Why Choose 3P Cups?

  • Neat Products: We focus on creating simple, yet remarkably neat, products that enhance your Android experience.
  • Trippy Cool Apps and Games: Our creations are not just apps; they are an immersive experience, a fusion of functionality and coolness.
  • Indie Spirit: At 3P Cups, we proudly wear the badge of indie developers, infusing passion into every line of code.

Connect with Us

  • App and Game Exploration: Dive into our vast collection and discover the magic of Trippy Cool Apps.
  • Indie Developer Collaboration: Interested in the indie spirit? Let's talk about creating something extraordinary together.
  • Music and Radio Fanatics: Tune in to 3P Cups Radio, where good music never stops.
  • Business Opportunities: Are you looking to hire a talented Android/mobile developer or thinking of recruiting a passionate mind for your company? Look no further.

Let's Create, Connect, and Experience the Trippy Cool World of 3P Cups!

Ready to take your Android experience to new heights? Join us on this indie journey – where creativity knows no bounds and every app tells a unique story. Explore the 3P Cups universe today! For any inquiries or collaboration opportunities, reach out to us at support@3p-cups.com. 🌈📧

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Hello, I'm an indie Android developer! I love developing apps & Games using Kotlin, Java and C#. Usually my apps written in an advanced implementations of Model, View, View-Model architectures in Kotlin and are Multi Threaded with Dispatchers. My goal is to make simple, yet neat products.
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