New App: Beer App

📖Catalog of Beers🍺 and Breweries 🍻

Browse through BreweryDB's catalog of beers and breweries. 🍻🔞

  • Endless scrolling list of Beers from around the world
  • Search for beers, breweries and locations
  • Add beers to your private collection
  • Get details on beer styles and variables (such as ABV, OG and IBU)
  • Extra information available for some beers (like Food Pairings, Glass Type, Serving Temperature and much more)

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Future Versions *might* Include

  • Submit a new Brewery
  • Submit a new Beer
  • Settings screen with full app translation to all languages and locales
  • And as usual - Some Bugs will be fixed, but more will be added :)
  More cool new features will be added in future updates

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