Archived Game: aiRoads

You are a Flying Ball! in Space!!

Endless runner game for mobile. Jump, collect coins and diamonds, gather Power Ups, and avoid obsticles! all that, but IN SPACE!!


  • Endless Map with random objects and planes spwaning
  • Collect Power Ups like 'Super Size Ball', Magnet, and 'Random Gift'
  • Random Gift - can grant you random power up - One of the following; Super Magnet, Loads of Coins, Speed Boosts and Boost Refills, Wasted Mode, Darkness Mode, Psycho Mode, and also the regular power ups
  • Daily Bonus - Visit the game once a day to keep your coins from running away!
  • Shop for Personalized Ball - you can choose between 36 variations of ball appearance! Change it's Colors and Trail
  • Watch Ads to earn some extra Diamonds!
  • Easy Controls with joystick / touch enabled controller


This Game is Discontinued

No More Updates! Available for Download as an APK Only!

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